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What Our Members Say

"Our facility has worked with AHSA for several years now and I wouldn't consider going back to the "old days" of having to try to manage the multiple phone calls to several agencies, coordinating the interviews, doing all of the back ground checks, etc. etc."

"You should know that we're very happy with the service we receive from AHSA and I am confident that facilities here in New England will continue to sign on with you."

"What I like/appreciate most is how you have developed a pool of providers from which you can draw time and again, giving us a consistency we'd be challenged to maintain on our own, as well as saving resources with credentialing and orientations. I can't imagine how much time I'd have spent on this without the support of you and AHSA."

"I wanted to take a moment to pass along a note of thanks for all the work you perform on our behalf and the high level of service you've maintained.  It has been more than three years since we signed on with AHSA and we still see it to be one of the best things we did to improve how we obtain and manage staffing for Berkshire Healthcare."

"You and your team at AHSA have been a tremendous asset to us at Parkland Health and Hospital System. It's remarkable how easy it was for a facility of our size to implement your company's vendor management service..."

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I'm really pleased we put the AHSA program to work for us at New London Hospital. What an improvement! ”

"I wanted to thank you for the many benefits we have experienced since becoming Members of the American Healthcare Services Association. At first, I did question the ease of the program as it seemed too simple. Now that I have worked with the association over the last year, I cannot imagine reverting back to the complex processes I used to follow. ”

"Prior to joining the association (AHSA), our facility, like many, was challenged with negotiating and working through multiple staffing agencies on a continual basis. As a result of this tedious coordination, we spent a significant amount of time on administration of supplemental staffing contracts… We are now better prepared to deal with our current and future staffing needs with the association representing our interests. Our staff is better able to focus on core patient care issues and permanent recruitment efforts."

“Instead of placing 10-20 calls/emails when we need “travelers” or contract staff, we are able to send one email or phone call… Their (AHSA) staff responds to the request and works diligently to fill the need with quality professionals…”

“A big " thank you " to you and your team… for working with us to achieve these very impressive outcomes! The patience, tolerance, creativity and flexibility AHSA manifested… is truly appreciated.”