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What items do I need to have when submitting a candidate to a job opening?

All Candidates must have a CS Form, Resume or CV, Skills Checklist, at least two supervisory level references and proof of recent (within 3 days of submission) license and disciplinary action search for each state the candidate has been or is currently licensed.

Must I have a Candidate Submission Form (CS Form) when submitting a candidate online?

Yes, all candidates need to have a CS form to submit.  Please make sure you have the most recent copy.

Why am I not able to load a candidate profile for submission?

Profiles can only be submitted as a single document/pdf.  If you try to load each item separately, the system will only keep the most recent upload. Save all pages as one document and try again.

Why is my candidate listed as “Deactivated”?

All candidates submitted to open job listings must be reviewed by AHSA prior to being activated and submitted to the facility.  The Member Services Representative for the facility is working on the review and will request further information from you if needed.

What does “On Hold”, “No Further Submissions” or “Filled” mean for job listings?

The status of job openings can change frequently.  The information provided is for our staffing vendors to be alerted to such changes.  On Hold can mean the facility is reviewing their needs and may have fulfilled their request for staff. No Further Submissions is used to redirect any new candidates to other opportunities as the facility has already received an adequate number of candidates. Filled status shows the facility has chosen a candidate(s) to fill their needs and no further need exists.

I work for an approved staffing agency, why did I get a notice of RFI when I tried to sign up for a user account?

The automated system does not clarify between a brand new vendor or a new user from an existing vendor.  This message is generated each time anyone requests an account.  If you are with an approved vendor, your request will be processed and you will be notified of your log in and password.