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Because AHSA is a vendor neutral VMS, our contracted staffing providers are offered many benefits.  Through one contract, staffing providers are able to have access to every AHSA member hospital across the country without the worry of losing their candidate to the "master vendor".  AHSA acts as a single point of contact for our vendors as well as our members to streamline the staffing process from both sides.  Our proprietary web based software allows for constant contact with new and current job openings.  The ease of use for our vendors allows for them to quickly submit candidates for open positions. 

AHSA values our vendors and have our dedicated representatives for each member hospital available to answer questions and provide specific detail for each position.  Many software only VMS programs do not allow for the "people based" solution.

With AHSA being vendor neutral, our vendors are able to develop long lasting meaningful relationships with our Member Services Team and are valued for the services they provide.