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AHSA is continually working to develop new program features that save hospitals time and money; improve operations; better assure quality staff, and provide an enhanced staffing service levels by:

  •   Negotiating “real-time” competitive market bill rates for physician,  nursing and allied staffing services (on behalf of our group of hospital members) as staffing segment supply and demand changes occur
  •   Evaluating and selecting vendors that meet rigid selection criteria and partnering with many that are JCAHO-accredited agencies 
  •   Trying to reduce over time and holiday staffing costs by negotiating rates at x1.25 rather than x1.5 with the majority of the contracted agencies in place
  •   Providing “no charge” orientation on new staff placements with the agencies to save member hospitals money and help hospital insure staff is acclimated without being rushed, given the cost of agency staffing
  •   Providing a $1.00 per hour bill rate discount with the vast majority of agencies on all assignment extensions
  •   Designing web-based tools designed to simplify the staffing request and fulfillment process as well as monitor/alert staff credentials that are expiring automatically
  •   Creating a consolidated billing process that assures agency invoice accuracy and saves hospitals a significant amount of time and money
  •   And more everyday…